How to get a loan directly on your Post Pay Evolution card? Simple. There are two opportunities: the Postal Bank Mini Loan and the Post Pay Special Cash Loan. The amount of the loan is disbursed on the prepaid card immediately after obtaining the approval.

A trip, an important expense for you and your family, a special purchase. There are many reasons that may prompt us to apply for a loan. If you are interested in obtaining a small amount in exchange for a great convenience, the right solution is definitely the Postal Bank Mini Loan. If approved, the amount requested (up to 3 thousand euros) will be available directly on the Post Pay Evolution card. Funding can also be requested by those who do not have a paycheck but who can show that they have an income.

A solution, therefore, that gives the opportunity to be able to pursue their dreams. Those interested can go to the post office and deal with an employee, even on Saturday morning. The staff will in fact be available to users to illustrate the characteristics of this form of financing.

The Postal Bank Mini Loan can be requested by those holding a Post Pay Evolution card. The other requirements to be taken into consideration are: be aged between 18 and 76 years of age at the end of the reimbursement, live in Italy and have a demonstrable work income / pension produced in Italy.